Rathalos GreatSword buildup

21 apr

As I did write the build-up for the armor, I will now present to you, the SWORD!

This is the biggest prop I´ve ever made in my entire life and I´ve learned a whole
lot of do´s and don´ts which I will present in the end for others to take note from
as well as my self when building something of this scale in the future.
first I will start with the material list:

– PVC pipe(I would recommend wood stick depending on the props size and weight)
– Cardboard
– paint tape
– Wallpaper glue
– newspaper
– hot glue
– isolation foam on can
– EVA foam
– fun foam
– Pleather
– Spakkel/Paper maché



After the spakkel is added onto the surface and gotten dry, the paint-job started





Then I started on making the «ridge» out of EVA foam





And here I would finally get the things I learned from a course during my time at the Art-school in the works! Stencil making and spray-painting! Out from 2 small cut-outs I made, I got this:





last details on the paint job!

and it is done!!!


I´m 158cm tall. XD

and thanks to Danarki! I got my photo taken during Banzaicon and he did a wonderful job! Thanks!
check out his facebook page and like, cause he delivers awesome stuff~


And here is my do´s and don´ts!!


– Make sure to measure the prop before starting on it. Daggers can by accident turn out to become swords.
– Use leightweight materials.
– Focus on making it sturdy and able to handle some bumps.
– Paint-job is important! make it look fabulous!~
– Use techniques from the interwebs or from courses. no shame.
– Use a combo between hot glue and contactglue as adhesive! It works like a charm!
(you might want to have something to keep it together until it all dries)
– Ask friends for help! Sometimes you need it.


–  Work without protecting the floor or things around you
– work with chemicals without protection or the proper tools
– Don´t use leightweight materials as the main core, it might break or bend cause of strain
– Don´t spray inside your house… just don´t
– think the isolation foam will not stick to ANYTHING… it does.
– make it so huge it is impossible to store or ship by yourself.

as far as I can take on the fly XD there might be much more, but I have business to attend to, so I will be off~

next time guys ❤

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4 Svar til “Rathalos GreatSword buildup

  1. Archana

    13. juni 2013 at 12:40 AM

    Super awesome 😀

    • Grethe

      24. november 2013 at 2:05 PM

      Thanks a whole bunch =D

  2. Robin

    18. august 2015 at 12:04 AM

    Did you keep the cardbord in as a core or did you only use it as a templet an removed it after the foam had hardend? awesom work btw! love it ❤

    • Grethe

      22. november 2016 at 4:01 AM

      The cardboard is the main structure and the foam sticks really well to it, making is impossible to remove unless you ruin the sword in the process : )

      thanks a ton~!!


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