Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Ages Link cosplay

Oooooh here we go again! 😀

While making the Rathalos armor, I figured out I needed to finish a simple cosplay just to prevent myself from going crazy!
I have this terrible habit of taking a break from one project, starting on another and finishing it up and work again on the one I started with.

This is the progress of the Link cosplay I finished today,(16.12.12)

Enjoy 😀

Link progress 001
This is the first progress from the project and I went for the small ears at this stage from internet voting 🙂

Link Hat progress
Finishing the hat 😀

Link progress 002
Here we go! More stuff had been done.
Added the collar, tested out the wig and got the belt to hold up 😀

Link progress 003

The shoecovers is done 🙂

Link 100% done
And here the entire costume is done!

For now I will only work on the sword and shield + the season staff which he uses in Oracle of seasons.
Having lighter costumes like these around is good for long distance conventions or if they last over several days.

Kind of hyperventilating now in pure happiness for finally finished my favourite version of Link, and I can finally wear this! Photoshoots will soon be done ❤

if you got questions, you are welcome to write and I will see if I can answer them the best way I can 🙂

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Skrevet av den 16. desember 2012 i Game and Cosplay


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After I had shredded up Bowser, I decided I would shred my Murloc costume as well.

This one I made in 2009 and debuted with it during free comicbook day in Stavanger.
I was entierly in character and was a murloc that was tamed and had learned the way 
of human laguange as people around me buildt me as a character, making up a
name for me and even had a awesome talk show.

I earned a 1st prize for this costume and served as a murloc mascot during the 
midnight release of WoW cataclysm at Elkjop, Forus nearby Stavanger/Sandnes.

Here is the photos I got from the progress of tearing it down : )

 The shoes was basicly huge man-shoes with covers.
Spraypainted with red and looked really messy.

It even had trouers!!
Basic slim jeans, green. spraypainted by the legs with red to match the shoes.

Eyes I bought from a wonderful crafter at Furaffinity. I might need to lock up his username sooner or later =O I have kept these for future use.


This is how murloc looks on the «inside». A huge foam plate on the back to make the 
«Hunch lump» and it sticks to my body by using these belts. clever, eh?


and underneath the foam again, there was a pillow hidden! =D VOILA!

This is the back of the Murloc. All these were handsown and stuck on. 
Metal wires on the insides to make them stand up and be «wobbly» when moving around.

The teeth were just pieces of hard cardboard (not the brown kind) covered with some white fleece. Glued on the inside of the hoodie.

And here we go! That was the Murloc costume shredding.
Hope it gave you some ideas for how to make cosplays out of regular clothes.
as for this image, I have a lime green T-shirt as a cover for my front part. works like a charm.
The gloves were already in a box when I found this, so I couldn´t test them out for the images. but there is few images with me in this outfit out there… lemme find them…

AH! Here we go! remember! This was one of my first costumes, so it ain´t great XD hahaha



So until next time~

mrwlugh mwrulgh!

Murloc shredding[30.09.12]

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Skrevet av den 21. oktober 2012 i Game and Cosplay


Uppcon 2012 [15.06.12-17.06.12]

Traveling in time again!
And now it´s time for UPPCON 2012!!

okey, lemme see if I remember everything hahaha

First of all, I needed to get there.  This would be my first trip to Sweden alone by plane and also figuring out how to get to Uppsala from Arlanda.
I figured it all out and got on a train, leading me to the right place.

My danish friend, Scott would be there already, so I just needed to find him
while Jonas, my other danish friend would arrive the day after.

Me and Scott found eachother and checked in to the hotel which suprised us over our own asses!
Holy biscuitNugget! It had a MICROWAVE!!! and I who was thinking I could bring some microwave food
and decided not to. I regret that XD

the funny thing tho was… Me and Scott was supposed to go back to the convention halls after packing our stuff. But we ended up watching this strange movie I can´t remember the name of anymore about this nanny which starts out really nasty and turns more and more prettier everytime the kids are improving during the film. After it was done, we finally got our asses down to the conventioncenter and looked around.


I was wearing my Applejack cosplay the first day.
Barioth armor in the contest the second day.
And Natsumi Irjya the third day along with my Air Gear group.


The contest was really fun this year! Alot of old friends and new ones!
That I think is the funniest with attending contests.

After everything was done and we got our prizes, I was shocked when I
got the 1st prize for best idea because of my prop which was a Well-Done steak
from the same game, Monster Hunter.
I´m glad I decided to make it :3



This is also the lovely group I had on sunday : ) 
Making a rainy day, the best day ever! ❤ I love you Larvik guys!

For this image, the one person far out on the left was not one of us XD 

I do have a vlog about this somewhere on my computer, I will get it edited eventually and posted : )
And you will see Scotts amazing skills at Photobombing.

 The bad thing about this years Uppcon was that it the last Uppcon to be arranged.
I´m glad they ended it while it was on the top and exited its time with a great end.
Thanks Uppcon for giving me the oppurtunity to attend your convention and even winning some prizes.
But the best part of having attended Uppcon must be the friends I´ve gained from it!

Thanks for making cosplay even better~

And I will end it here because I´m dead tired XD Good night everyone~

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Skrevet av den 10. oktober 2012 i Game and Cosplay


Bowser Shredding [30.09.12]

I will be jumping a bit in time and post about this one thing I both hated and enjoyed doing.

Shredding up some of my costumes to make space.

Bowser have been laying on top of my closet for about 2 years and only taken space.
I needed to do something about it, and not by sending this huge thing back home to my mum´s place XD hahaha

This gave me the oppurtunity to open up my old creation and see what I´ve been using to assemble it, as I could recall myself stuffing this one with a lot of different materials.
You can call it at… backwards progress line as I have tried to take as many images as possible while carving this up like a Hunter from Monster Hunter X)

pulled off some of the spikes to reveal the fabrics true color hue. As you can see… This have gotten dusty over the years XD 


The chestplate. This was basicly foam glued on to a cotton sweater and covered with fleece fabric.

Bowser coming out of his shell!
A pillow and some scrap fabrics inside to make the shape. wow… I don´t remember this, or these colors since I made Skullkid and Zidane :O

Scrap foam inside the while ring around Bowsers shell.
ewww, forgot that foam turns yellow after some time.

The entire backshell carved and ready for the garbage bin.

Foam inside the chest plate.
I carved the «muscles» into the foam and pushed the fabric in while gluing with a gluegun.

Carving done so far. Now for the lower part.

And here is the lower part!! TA-DA! Best packing ever XD

The legs were pretty much boots I´ve made which I covered with the trouser part.
These were actually quite comfy to walk around in : ) 

This is the insides of the trousers.
Pretty much a jeans, with glued-on foam parts to make a more monster-ish feature on my legs.

the legs after carving the fabric off 

And now we will go for the head! I really regret how I made this.
It could have been SO much more human friendly than this XD


The horns were originally from a prop viking helmet which can be bought from funny stores.

hair, underjaw and horns removed and this just looks really nasty D:

More fleece removed.

This is the back of the «foam shell» which I start with before covering it with more foam bits
and shaping. Making it like a bucket over your head.

ere is the inside of this monster. I dunno how I survived in this during Desucon 2010


Here is the entire head spread out. *shudder*

So this is the carving progress of Bowser I buildt during 2009-2010
and won the second prize at Desucon 2010.
A remake of my first costume I made in 1998 which got burned by an accident
while cleaning out our basement XD




I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at images : )

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Skrevet av den 9. oktober 2012 i Game and Cosplay


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Banzaicon 2012

Banzaicon which happened this year in April during easter vacation in Larvik
was a BLAST!
I vlogged most of the show with some amazing help from my best friend, Connie who also is a vlogger.

I will link to both out youtubes in the end of this blog post 🙂

Me and Connie traveled together to Larvik by train, and for 9 hours… A good friend is needed!
We had so much overtired fun all the way!
constant having laughter fits and wabbledabbles!
Best trip ever to a Norwegian Convention so far!

I had my costumes almost… ready.
Yes! I did it again! Making it to the convention while working on my costumes.
damn… I should stop doing that.
which is why I´ve started some months ago with my Rathalos armor.

I had three costumes I brought with me as Banzaicon did for the first time a 3 days convention!

I brought:
Applejack – MLP
Will – W.I.T.C.H
Barioth – Monster Hunter

A good variation of things this time around.

Photo by: Henrik Aleksander Nilsen

Sadly enough, I didn´t win the contest this time, but I´m glad my best friend, Rakel Cotino won as
she was saving up money for education : )

The Will cosplay I NEED to fix up before next year as we will pull off our group again as we missed Irma this time around.

Photo by: Aslak Sødal

I love doing cosplay with this group, serously! I´m SO lucky to be able to do this with these amazing peeps! I love you so much, guys ;_;

Hopefully we will bring more images next time with the entire group together.

During the event I met my good friends, Tab Kimpton, Nova and Twinfools which I miss like crazy everyday ❤ Hopefully, it won´t be too long until we will meet them again~

Thanks, Martine(the Caleb crossplayer on the image above) for starting up Banzaicon and making it awesome with your wonderful crew! I´m looking forward to visit next year ❤

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Skrevet av den 9. oktober 2012 i Game and Cosplay


Making of my Barioth Armor – Monster Hunter Cosplay

I saw my last entry was in January, meaning the last thing I was working on was my Barioth Armor from Monster Hunter tri on Nintendo Wii.

This costume was made in about 3 months on-and-off and finished on the actual weekend, Banzaicon was held where I also debuted with this costume. 13-14 April 2012.

Here is all of my progress of this costume:

Bilde first progress












And this was the result:

Photo taken by: Joacim Schwartz


Worn during Banzaicon, Norway in April which I earned the 2nd prize.
and Närcon, Sweden in July for NCC(Nordic Cosplay Championship).


I´m kind of sad that I rushed while making this as I could have done it SO much better.
Also, Capcom releases their newest SuperDeformed Monster Hunter armor of… yes exactly!
The Barioth Hunter. And I wish I´ve made that version instead to keep it in style with my Kirin armor.

oh well. I learned a whole bunch of things about crafting while making this and I
also got aknowledged for my agility in this costume as I can actually do Barrel Rolls on stage X)

My next armor I´m working on is Rathalos blademaster from Monster Hunter freedom Unite.

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Skrevet av den 9. oktober 2012 i Game and Cosplay


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Holy bagelnuggets!

it´s been SO long since I wrote on this blog!! D8

Think I need to get my lazy ass around and write things here again, as I´ve missed
wordpress so hard!

I got too much to update, so I will backtrack in time and see what I´ve missed and start
writing right away!(not tonight tho as I have work in the morning)

oh! Yes! did I mention I got a new job? no? 

…. HNNG! You see?! I need to start writing here again.

A lot of new cosplays and events have happened and I need to share this.
Also writing blogs just really calms me after a long day : ) 

So I will see you around in the newer posts and hope I haven´t 
dissappointed you all. I Think the things I will post up is worth it ; )

See you around!

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Skrevet av den 9. oktober 2012 i Game and Cosplay

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