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Dragon Half – Mink build-up

I had a gut feeling that Närcon would be boiling hot this year as last time.

And yes it did! Hardcore hot! Thought I was gonna pass out at times.
SO I decided to bring my Mink cosplay which I finished right before I left home and
got some assistance by Christina Erring, ChrixDesigns for the attachement of the wings.
you can find her facebook page here:

Also, her boyfriend, Håvard was superkind to take photos!
All the creds to him for them!

8000_10151466807270308_1157534375_n 993512_637731379572006_1878585374_n 994511_10151467848040308_1588677422_n 1045050_637675626244248_1010583047_n 1063888_648039741874503_1263652529_o


Most of the parts were made out of the very same foam I used for the Rathalos armor.
Cheap, terrible camping mats.

and the horns were made out of regular furniture foam, covered in paint and the lines were made with
my trusty glue gun~

For the wig, I started out with a punk/80s wig style and shaped it with Got2Be glue, hairspray and a hairdryer

Mink wig


And here is the result 🙂


945985_663947513617059_1798643778_nPhoto credits goes to:
Håvard Staub Nyhus

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Skrevet av den 25. august 2013 i Game and Cosplay


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.:Desucon 6 and pictures:.


Desucon 6 is over for some…uhm…weeks ago and now we can only start working on our new cosplay projects and wait for other cons to close in.
Like Metrocon here in Stavanger to mention : )

I´m already on my feet working on my newest cosplay as Shrödinger somewhat is done.
Only need to make the shorts later and ears to get my costume 100% homemade(which I prefer).

I got some pictures from a photoshoot I did of my friend Martine who got on 3rd place in the cosplay contest!
HUZZAH for her!
But also a big huzzah for all of the others winning as well as entering! SO many great cosplays this year
and the judge panel worked out fine! good job!
And the con itself was quite pleasant this year. easy and chilling and not too much to focus on.
Making it easy to talk to people and not having to rush everywhere.

Here is my photos I took from the event.
If the people on the pics are interested in a higher resolution or i someone wants to use these, write me a comment or mail
and I will send or write a permission.

The finalists in this years cosplay contest! They looks so awesome! I regret not entring this year… *hides*

Me and Rakel went like this!
Togheter we had a stand with the cosplay legion. Love you guys for making my con so awesome!

We met this awesome guy! I love his performance costume and style! Also, if you see this, I can send these pics to you. got some more in my folder.


Also got to met my idol in bot fursuiting and comic/art ❤ Astrid Hansen with her Templa fursuit ❤
I´m such a fan, it hurts! Bought a wonderful hat from her, that I will take photo of tomorrow and post.

during the weekend, this awesome dude showed up and tested out a steampunk extended arm made by Magnus Holm who is like… a awesome steampunker and pirate!
we found out that steam is the new kind of magic going on.

This year, I got to met this amazing cosplayer who had made this entire thing and it looked awesome!
At least he could breath better than I did in my Bowser cosplay the year before. and I love how he just had fun with it! Keep it up!

And here comes the random photoshoot pictures I took during the sunday.
ENJOY the spam~

Phew… so these are the pics I got for now.
I got some more in my folders from the shoot, but quality before quantity.

I will prolly update more already tomorrow since I YET have to give my report from Uppcon.
And as I´m ill, I guess I got the time for it. Will be leaving for a trip on friday, so hopefully writing something tomorrow
will be enough until I get back X)

Love ya all ❤

Grethe B

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Skrevet av den 7. juli 2011 i Game and Cosplay


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Contest type is decided! And here it is!!

OH YES!!! Indeed it is!

Get ready for it…. I need drumsounds… Come on! Drumsounds!

And the contest IS….


U heard me! Send in your best shot at doing the well known 4chan face, The trollface! Problem? trololololo~

I think I will decide out from a first to a second price to perhaps a third price, depending on how many who will enter for this.
as I think many should for the shit and giggles XD

I and Rakel kind of gave it a real try today at the italian resturant, Oliven.
Glad the owners didn´t see our shamless trolling at the table XD haahahaha

This is liek! My favourite troll! ❤ haha

Naruto volume 2, 3 and 4 is the prizes for this contest.


1. ONE picture each.
2. Make a trollface with YOUR face! Don´t print it out and staple it on.
3. It must be a clear trollface~ Problem?
4. Upload the image from a valid imageshare site. No facebook. Use Photobucket or imageshare and provide link.
5. provide link to image in a comment to THIS post!! <- important!
6. Everyone who wants to join, is allowed to do so!
7. Have fun~!
8. Problem?

The deadline for this contest will be from 11.03.11 to 31.03.11
Plenty of time for Trollfacing! and Problems!?

I give Rakel my biggest credits for giving me this idea for a contest.
Since we pretty much had the entire evening filled with this sillyness, I felt I just had to keep it up!

NAOW! GO make TROLLFACE!!! *trollfaceplz*

– Grethe B


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