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Rathalos GreatSword buildup

As I did write the build-up for the armor, I will now present to you, the SWORD!

This is the biggest prop I´ve ever made in my entire life and I´ve learned a whole
lot of do´s and don´ts which I will present in the end for others to take note from
as well as my self when building something of this scale in the future.
first I will start with the material list:

– PVC pipe(I would recommend wood stick depending on the props size and weight)
– Cardboard
– paint tape
– Wallpaper glue
– newspaper
– hot glue
– isolation foam on can
– EVA foam
– fun foam
– Pleather
– Spakkel/Paper maché



After the spakkel is added onto the surface and gotten dry, the paint-job started





Then I started on making the «ridge» out of EVA foam





And here I would finally get the things I learned from a course during my time at the Art-school in the works! Stencil making and spray-painting! Out from 2 small cut-outs I made, I got this:





last details on the paint job!

and it is done!!!


I´m 158cm tall. XD

and thanks to Danarki! I got my photo taken during Banzaicon and he did a wonderful job! Thanks!
check out his facebook page and like, cause he delivers awesome stuff~


And here is my do´s and don´ts!!


– Make sure to measure the prop before starting on it. Daggers can by accident turn out to become swords.
– Use leightweight materials.
– Focus on making it sturdy and able to handle some bumps.
– Paint-job is important! make it look fabulous!~
– Use techniques from the interwebs or from courses. no shame.
– Use a combo between hot glue and contactglue as adhesive! It works like a charm!
(you might want to have something to keep it together until it all dries)
– Ask friends for help! Sometimes you need it.


–  Work without protecting the floor or things around you
– work with chemicals without protection or the proper tools
– Don´t use leightweight materials as the main core, it might break or bend cause of strain
– Don´t spray inside your house… just don´t
– think the isolation foam will not stick to ANYTHING… it does.
– make it so huge it is impossible to store or ship by yourself.

as far as I can take on the fly XD there might be much more, but I have business to attend to, so I will be off~

next time guys ❤

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Rathalos armor build-up

oooh wow… Finally the 10 months of intense work and breaking my own borders just have come to a end and I finally got to attend Banzaicon 2013 with it! Here I will show you all the progress I managed to dish together into smaller collages

Here is my material list:
– camp mats(varied mm thick)
– plastic champaign glasses
– Spakkel
– Leather bands
– Hammerite paint
– regular spraypaint (black/red)
– Clear coat
– Plasti-dip
– Faux leather
– Faux fur
– Acrylic paint
– Sponges/Foam pieces
– Hot glue
– Air-drying clay and molded
– transparent rubber band
– Velcro

the first I will update with is the armor itself.Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde *Memo to self* PLEASE GET THE PHOTOSHOOT DONE AND PUT A PROPER IMAGE HERE!! Meanwhile… Bilde photo by: Herman Koch Next up is the sword build-up!

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Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Ages Link cosplay

Oooooh here we go again! 😀

While making the Rathalos armor, I figured out I needed to finish a simple cosplay just to prevent myself from going crazy!
I have this terrible habit of taking a break from one project, starting on another and finishing it up and work again on the one I started with.

This is the progress of the Link cosplay I finished today,(16.12.12)

Enjoy 😀

Link progress 001
This is the first progress from the project and I went for the small ears at this stage from internet voting 🙂

Link Hat progress
Finishing the hat 😀

Link progress 002
Here we go! More stuff had been done.
Added the collar, tested out the wig and got the belt to hold up 😀

Link progress 003

The shoecovers is done 🙂

Link 100% done
And here the entire costume is done!

For now I will only work on the sword and shield + the season staff which he uses in Oracle of seasons.
Having lighter costumes like these around is good for long distance conventions or if they last over several days.

Kind of hyperventilating now in pure happiness for finally finished my favourite version of Link, and I can finally wear this! Photoshoots will soon be done ❤

if you got questions, you are welcome to write and I will see if I can answer them the best way I can 🙂

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