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Mewtwo build-up

I managed to finish my Mewtwo cosplay in time for Närcon in Sweden, but I will be honest to say that this
wasn´t my best work and I wish I could have realised this sooner before I left XD

but oh well!
The most important thing was to get to actually cosplay my favourite Pokémon!
And I got to cosplay together with another cosplayer who was the armored version of Mewtwo too!
It was awesome!

Here is the progress images which I managed to scrap together and if there is anything unclear, just ask
and I will try to explain the best I can 🙂

Mewtwo collage Mewtwo progress 001 Mewtwo progress 02 Mewtwo progress 03 Mewtwo progress 04

945941_658106467534497_1667026682_n 1148938_658106447534499_1206276299_n
You can find the other Mewtwo here:

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Rathalos armor build-up

oooh wow… Finally the 10 months of intense work and breaking my own borders just have come to a end and I finally got to attend Banzaicon 2013 with it! Here I will show you all the progress I managed to dish together into smaller collages

Here is my material list:
– camp mats(varied mm thick)
– plastic champaign glasses
– Spakkel
– Leather bands
– Hammerite paint
– regular spraypaint (black/red)
– Clear coat
– Plasti-dip
– Faux leather
– Faux fur
– Acrylic paint
– Sponges/Foam pieces
– Hot glue
– Air-drying clay and molded
– transparent rubber band
– Velcro

the first I will update with is the armor itself.Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde Bilde *Memo to self* PLEASE GET THE PHOTOSHOOT DONE AND PUT A PROPER IMAGE HERE!! Meanwhile… Bilde photo by: Herman Koch Next up is the sword build-up!

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